Activities - Canyoning

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For the ones who likes adventures and the beautiful wild of nature, we are climbing and descending big and small waterfalls and discovering the wild nature of Dominican Republic.

The Pleasure Dome: a 150 feet rope assisted rappelling brings you into the lost world. Challenging jumps up to 45 feet into deep pools of crystal water keep you alert. Swimming through gorgeous lush tropical landscapes will satisfy even the demands of certified nature lovers.

The Six Falls: Fantastic waterfalls and gorgeous pools of crystal water. The open Canyon lets sun touch the ground and the swimming and the jumping makes your heart race with adrenaline. Jumps are up to 12 meters (40 feet).

Magic Mushroom: Try giving the river experience an extra twist with our weekly half day canyoning trip down the ‘Magic Mushroom’ section of the amazing Rio Blanco.
This slightly more technical trip will stimulate all your senses. It Includes rappels of up to 160 feet and exhilarating jumps of up to 30 feet into deep pools of crystal clear water. A delicious breakfast and Dominican Style lunch are included.

The Big Bastard: We consider this as a World Class Adventure. This time a bit more challenging: The Bavarian Fighter is a solid 18 meter (56 feet) jump. Later on you will meet the Big Bastard itself, 22 meters (70 feet) it’s high enough to think about what the heck you are doing. The 20 meter (65 feet) is the final jump. Besides these high jumps there are some smaller ones but all of them we jump into marvelous pools of crystal water. Narrow walls, technical stretches high jumps, beautiful rappels and lush landscapes in the middle of the jungle makes this tour so unique.